Bulgsari Shinsoo
Suhl nd Chul
Suhl asking why Chul couldn't break the string that Banya had strung him to
Vital statistics
Gender Male (blue-colored)

Female (pink colored with stripes)

Species Bulgsari
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Living in Spirit Mountain's bamboo forest
Relatives Suhl Wife

Chul Husband

First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (Chul)

Chapter 4 (Suhl)

The Bulgsari Shinsoo are the spirits that are married who live in the bamboo forest. They eat metal and expel nightmares.

History Edit

Since they eat metal and expel nightmares, Banya brought the blue-colored male Bulgsari (called Chul) to the house, thinking that So-Yoon's Grandmother was having nightmares (but it was really back pain from helping carry three of So-Yoon's fellow students off the mountain). The pink-colored female Bulgsari with the three stripes in her back (called Suhl) couldn't find her husband afterwards so she followed So-Yoon down the mountain (who had forgotten her Rosary because she was late to school) and was nearly stepped on by several people, making Suhl angry from almost being stepped on and sad because she couldn't find Chul, causing her to go on a metal-eating rampage, which caused the school to temporarily be closed down. Banya noticed that Suhl had gone to So-Yoon's school and came and stopped her (since she lost control of herself), turning her back into her original size.

Later, since So-Yoon was left vulnerable without her Rosary therefore allowing an evil spirit to possess her, Banya threw Chul at her. Chul was then able to expel the evil spirits (after being encouraged by So-Yoon since she said he was "very trustworthy") allowing Banya send the spirit to the afterlife.
Rampaging Suhl

Suhl going on a metal-eating rampage at So-Yoon's school

Ajussi is the one who named them (which Banya said the Ajussi had "horrible naming sense"). So-Yoon's Rosary is strung together using the Bulgsari's tail hair and is vulnerable to fire.

Abilities Edit

According to Gond-Bi, a bulgsari is a sacred being that chased away nightmares and evil spirits from dreams. It can also bring one's subconscious to the surface. This ability enabled So-Yoon to summon Bub-Woon from inside her.

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