Chicken Koko
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Phoenix
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation The Scroll's Contractor
Relatives Unknown
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Koko is Lee So-Yoon's family "chicken" but he is really the Phoenix/The Heaven's Bird in disguise. He is also referred to as "Bong-Hwang".

History Edit

He has been with the family since Banya was sealed a little over a thousand years ago, and is currently in possession of Banya's orb to allow Banya to move around freely when somebody in the family is born with a spiritual gift, making Koko the Scroll's Contractor. Banya calls him "Meatball", as a result of their first encounter being Koko using his chicken disguise.

He has learned from this experience the importance of first impressions.

During his spare time, he plays a board game with other deities.

Pheonix Koko

"Koko" in his true/phoenix form holding Banya's orb

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